Touchfreeze ( a Linux Touchpad Blocker )

I have been using computers and keyboards since 1977.
When forced to use a mouse pad / Touch pad, I get nuts.

So, with Windows on the laptops/notebooks I have TouchPad Blocker by KARPOLAN installed.

Has anyone tried Touchfreeze ?

Good laptops allow you to disable the Touchpad entirely in the BIOS/UEFI.

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Thank you !
How should I know that was possible ? :laughing:

P.s. DELL Latitude e4310 have only one USB port.
I do not trust installing a distro via a hub ; so I think I need that mouse pad during installation ; but I will now be able ( thanks to you ) to disable it from the BIOS when I keep a distro.

Why? Should be possible, most of the time. Except you are using an extremely cheap USB hub.


I’ll try it next time and let you know.

In MATE I have an option to disable touchpad while typing.

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@kovacslt, @Akito
When I said I did not trust the hub
I meant I am not certain I can do that.
And, you are right ; I can’t boot from a stick attached to a hub.
It is probably cheap.
Want to see it :

Now please do not laugh at me.

Indeed, looks very cheap.

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