Touchpad & Touchscreen problem (Solved)

For what it’s worth, I bought my wife a new HP Envy x360 laptop that came with WIN 11. I immediately dumped Windoze and installed Linux Mint 20.2. The touchpad and touchscreen wouldn’t work. I fixed by installing Kernel 5.13.0-22 (it had Kernel 5.4.0-91). Both touchpad and touchscreen now work.


Brave and wise move

I wonder if you do that on a new machine what happens if it breaks and you need to return to supplier under the 1 year (2 years in france) cover ?

I have always put up with Windows as supplied for new machines as a result…

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You can make a recovery DVD for windows before you ditch it.
Then you can put windows back if all else fails.

Alternatively you can use clonezilla from a DVD to image the whole disk including windows.
Then you can recover the whole disk, windows plus whatever other partitions are on it.



Thanks but, if it won’t work on Linux, I don’t want it. SAY NO TO WINDOZE!
I’m more than happy with how it’s all working so far and whatever problems may arise (and have arisen on my other 3 Linux laptops), I’ve always had the VERY helpful folks on ITSFOSS come to the rescue.
No worries! I’ll sleep well with my decision. :grin:

Although I would always buy a second hand laptop ,the one where you easily replace the hard drive (not the very thin unit where access to the “guts” require (partial)dis-assembly ) ,for any new laptop with access to the hard drive , I would replace the Windoze HDD or SSD with another SSD and install a Linux distro . In the event of hardware failure within the warranty period ,I would re-install the original Windoze storage device before contacting the Laptop’s supplier.
3 years ago I bought a second hand Dell E6330 laptop with i5 CPU (probably new in 2014) ,replaced the Windoze 10 HDD by a SSD ,now happily running Linux Mint 20.2

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland

Probably a much smarter and more frugal move but, as a present for my wife, she might not have appreciated frugal :wink:
I have to admit that I almost bricked the thing by modifying a startup file but, very fortunately, was able to fix the file with the origninal ISO boot USB. I think that I keyed a comma instead of a period… OOOPS!
Anyway, so far, it’s working out perfectly and, VERY FORTUNATELY, wifey is happy!!! :slight_smile: