Trading Softwares not working on linux

I wish to run trading softwares /terminal on linux (.exe),
I tried it on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, BOSS 8, Manjaro 18.1.3, and Zorin 15 Core etc.
Currently using Mint Cinnemon 19.2

Using wine installed .net 4, VC++ 2008 and 2010, It got installed, small utilities like ccleaner.exe running ok.

But all my trading softwares (developed by tradelabs) installed successfully but not running.
Nothing happens when I try to run those.

First is Alpha Trader.exe developed by Tradelab for

Second is Diet Odin developed by Financial Technologies

Softwares download link is below

Not showing any error msg also. What to do. Linux Experts - Pl. Guide,


Did you search for the compatability on different Wine and Ubuntu versions?

If yes, you can also ask those who are more familiar with getting .exe files to run on Linux, here:
As this is a quite specific topic, where specific knowledge about Wine is needed, rather than general Linux and OS knowledge, which is mostly our cup of tea.

No, Akito I don’t know how to check compatibility
Can you or anyone just try installing these 2 softwares on linux and tell me whether it’s working.
If yes, pl. Guide steps. Thanks in advance

The best thing to do first: search for previous tests by other users on WineHQ. You have to search for the software you want to run and then you check the reviews of the previous testers, which also give a rating from “Garbage” to “Platinum”.

Checked, No Entries for first one
Searched using keywords “sasonline”, “alpha trader” “tradelab”

For second, version 9 has Gold ratings, but my broker has provided ver

I think you’d have a vastly better chance of success if you installed Windows (e.g. Windows 7?) in a Hypervisor (e.g. Oracle VirtualBox, KVM etc) - than trying to get proprietary Windows only software running in Wine…

i was thinking that earlier. i have had windows 10 (free download) running in kvm for a month or so and it doesn’t seem to need activation. some of the desktop customization options are greyed out, but it runs just fine.

Yes, as @daniel.m.tripp and @01101111 stated, I too would recommend, to use proprietary software (if needed) in it’s natural environment, a proprietary OS.
You’ll never know, if using it with an emulator (yeah! I sayd it!) :wink: if there are not some hidden traps, so that the software might seem to function, but doesn’t or there are some unwanted backlashes you don’t recognize at first because of the “emulation”.