TranslateLocally as firefox add-on

Hi all, :wave:

it´s often enough that we search for solutions to a particular (Linux) problem and scour the vast realms of the internet for good and (hopefully) reliable scources.
There are lots of them, to be sure, not the least of them this very good itsfoss forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

But the more sources we have at our disposal the better, I think.

One very good source for ubuntu and ubuntu-based OSes is Yet it´s in German.

To circumvent this obstacle I want to let you know about the firefox extension “TranslateLocally”.

Perhaps you know it already but I think it still might be worth pointing out. :blush:

TranslateLocally is available as an extension for Firefox and as a native desktop application for Windows, macOS and Linux and has emerged
from the European Union Bergamot Project, like Firefox Translations. With Firefox Translations there are similarities, but also differences,

[…] that the translation is entirely done in the browser and no content to be translated has to be transmitted > to a data giant such as Google or Microsoft.

(source: TranslateLocally: Maschinelle Übersetzung ohne Cloud für Firefox und als native Desktop-Anwendung )
(bold by me)

That got me intrigued and I tried it out. Seems to work quite well. :+1:

As I often make use of the wiki (Startseite › Wiki ›, which - as I said - provides excellent content, I thought using “TranslateLocally” would be a good and simple way for English-speaking users to utilize the wiki as well.

Aside from translating the whole page you can easily use it for translating dedicated passages only (right-click entry: “Tanslate selection”). :smiley:

Perhaps you might want to try it out.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: