Trisquel - the RAM hungry fat fuck

So I heard that Trisquel is supposed to be lightweight. Well, this is the worst joke I have heard in 2021, yet. It’s so fat, it can’t even run on my Raspberry Pi 0 W, in the first place. But that does not matter, as there are already members of this site that have tested Trisquel and have shown, that Trisquel is a hungry fat fuck, I will take their highly professional test results as a replacement for my own tests. The members who did those test are highly reliable and professional, so we can trust those results blindly.

So when running Trisquel, you always get exactly 143MiB RAM usage, no matter what your computer is. It always is the same number. The review was made by very trustworthy members of our community, so this is obviously true for everyone, no matter what kind of device you use. If you use Trisquel, it will always be 143MiB RAM usage.

This proves to be very bloated, though… Some rogue members in their groupthink manner were spreading disinformation about Trisquel. They said, it is supposed to be super lightweight and the best FOSS Linux distribution out there… Supposed “experts” recommend this distribution…

I couldn’t stop laughing when reading this! Obviously, this mindset is coming from a groupthink minority that just can’t handle the truth! They consider 134MiB to be “very low” - what a joke - or am I in a parallel universe…? Spok - this is performance Jim; but not as we know it…! and they also said things like “Trisquel is fast and snappy straight out of the box”. What a joke!

Now here comes the truth…

I installed the beautiful Alpine Linux on my Raspberry Pi 0 W! It is amazing… And yes, it supports so many different architectures! Trisquel can’t even offer a version for Raspberry Pis, what a shitty distribution… Can’t even ship for such an important and very famous device. This is shocking! Obviously, whoever thinks Trisquel has quality and something to offer, must be totally crazy and ignorant of the facts!

Now, guess what Alpine is using when normally running on my Raspberry Pi 0 W…

# Numbers are in MiB.
total used free shared buff/cache available
430   15   335  25     78         379


Now, remember Trisquel with its 143MiB RAM usage… :face_vomiting: :fu: :sob:




Trisquel… You lost by 953.33%… You are pathetic. Go back into the training camp and come back, when you use less than 30 MiB RAM… :roll_eyes::call_me_hand:

Seems like @Mina and the others were not wrong at all about Trisquel… I have proven it now. Trisquel is a fat fuck and OBVIOUSLY, whoever disagrees with these undeniable facts, which all Gods and creatures in the universe approved, is stupid!!!


Hey, you, yes you, if you read this and don’t accept these facts, that are obviously true, since they are coming from me, then you are stupid!!!


I’m not really happy about this post, and I’m pretty sure, once you’ve read my reasons, you’ll understand why.

The intention of making a satirical comment on some particular user’s persistence to measure a distribution’s quality mainly by a single criterion, is clear and that’s fine with me: I absolutely believe in comic relief.

However, when the same user denigrated the effort of other communities by describing their work’s result in terms like “pile of crap” (I don’t believe that hiding letters makes a swear word less offensive - it’s actually the opposite), I stepped in several times calling him out for that.

In reality, you haven’t done so, but for a reader who just skims the headlines or just glances over a few lines of this post, it might appear like that. The creators of the Trisquel project have created it years ago with two clear ideas in mind:

  1. To make it 100% free software, so that nobody would be able to slip malicious code in.
  2. To make it suitable for people with limited economic resources.

Both are excellent goals and the people who have been behind this project for quite a number of years and keep it thriving, deserve nothing less than full respect.
Whilst I’m sure, you personally had no intention to sneer them or their work, some people might get the wrong impression and I feel, this needed to be said.

My 2¢

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@Mina said it eloquently.
When you want to hold a mirror to objectionable behavior, it is not always clear to the intended audience that it is a mirror and not an imitation or prolonged argument.
I too have felt soiled when reading posts of such unacceptable childishness. But being just as offensive is not going to be seen as teaching a lesson. It wil be seen as a descent into the mud.

Thank you very much for the comments, @cliffsloane and @Mina.

I’ll answer to you both, because I’ll mix up these two reactions, anyway.

First of all, you both seem to fear that people might “misunderstand” this post and see me as the same kind of prick I try to portrait. Sure, this will happen. This is the internet. Someone can tell you they were living on Mars for a year, and I guarantee you there will be at least 1 single citizen actually believing that. Same goes for anything shown on the internet.

This happens in the non-digital reality, as well, but not as much and not as harsh, I’d say.

The thing is, I cannot prevent this and I do not want to prevent it. Satire is extremely prone to being misunderstood. Sometimes people understand it and still intentionally pretend that they do not, just to be publicly outraged

However, I have seen how people responded to such behaviour on a lower level. They obviously understood what this means and they also saw what I have to say about that. These same people are definitely smart enough to see that this is not what I am really thinking and I am not trying to belittle any distribution, as each one has a reason to exist, even if sometimes those reasons are not convincable, at all.
If you still fear, a 3rd party, perhaps someone arriving at this forum as a fresh, new member, that could read and misunderstand it, then you also have to fear they read the source where all this is coming from. Which should make them understand, as well. If they still don’t – well – c’est la vie.

Long story short, yes people will misunderstand this, but I expect the majority to understand. This is what counts. If we would dismiss everything that someone says, because people might get the wrong impression, we might as well dismiss every human communication altogether, because misunderstanding is the human’s daily driver to live. Without misunderstandings we would’ve been wiped from the earth, a long long time ago…

Well, I find that quite interesting to read, because it emphasizes behaviour that I find hard to tolerate.

Basically, what I understand from this is, that people will misunderstand the intentions, so I put myself, through that satirical comment, on the same level as the source of that type of thinking. I am getting into the mud and being on a very low level of thinking, myself.
What I cannot understand about such view at all is the fact, that you did not mention anything remotely of that style to the originator of such mindset (or at least I have seen no comment and no response, at all). That’s why I find it very ironic that you are appalled by the parody, the satire, the thing that I find a very good method of showing people weird things that people consider “normal” in this world, but not by the actual original, that is not meant to be funny or satire, it is meant to be absolutely honest and factual.
Why were you not appalled by the original behaviour? Why does the satire poke you enough that you have to comment about that, but not about the original?
This behaviour is understandable to me, but in a bad way.

Cliff, if you think that satirical joke about the original is a descent into the mud, I expect you to say something even more harsh and explicit about the original instead of tolerating and seeming like you accept it. Or if you decide to not say anything, to stay peaceful, then you should also, to stay true to your intention, not say anything about this satirical comment.
Bad things happen on earth, not because people talk too much or are provoking.
Bad things always happen, when people shut up, tolerate and do nothing about what is happening.
I at least did something. In this specific case, you did not. Whether my approach ended up well or not is a matter of taste, in my opinion.

I accept that we are not living in a world, where we can seriously hope for humanity to throw around flowers and wave peace signed flags 24/7 instead of doing very bad things.
I want to do something good every single day in my life and this includes speaking the language of provocation, showing people that some things they consider normal or at least tolerate enough for it to seem like that, are not normal at all and people should do something about it, not sit on their asses all day and accept that system.
If that means, we have to go down sometimes and make a satirical post that might be misunderstood, that is perfectly fine.
As long as it makes people think, it is the right thing to do.

You two are more or less appalled by this, but, it made you think. This was my main intention. It is most of the time my intention to make people think for themselves, not rely on a 3rd party to take care of that.
Many people do not like thinking and rather stay aggressive and talk about things in life, that actually do not matter, at all.

All that said, the fact that I respect you both highly, did not change one bit, I hope that is clear! I still highly appreciate you two and think that you are great people. I honestly mean this. That’s why I wish that you are not too mad about my response.

Finally, I personally think my satirical approach is funny and on point. Well, how could I think differently, when I am the author. I have read it a lot of times, to correct mistakes, to prevent bad moods, but it didn’t help too much and I accept that. Perhaps there are some people here, who will understand and feel the same about that, as I do.

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@Akito…I replaced Trisquel with Mageia on my old Acer machine and it is running fine.
I guess Trisquel is just fine if one only wants to run free open source software. My PC’s
need a little more.
Was I really that wrong, when I posted my experience with Trisquel?

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No idea what you are talking about. Have you read the post and all the comments?

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@4dandl4 Akito was satirizing Andy2’s posts, not yours. You’ve always been a complete gentleman.

@Mina…Yes I know, so sorry @Andy2 disagreed. Thank You!!!

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I follow the long-standing maxim, Don’t feed the trolls.

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Anybody remembers these in this context?


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