Triumph for technology

I dont know if this news item made it overseas

A radioactive Caesium capsule was lost off the back of a truck, somewhere along a 1400Km stretch of road in outback Australia… and they found it using sophisticsted scanning technology driving along the road at 70Kph. Amazing win for technology.


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Hi Neville, :wave:

Yes, indeed. It was even in the local news here in (Southern) Germany.
And the recovery was covered, too. :+1:

Thanks also for the link.

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I´ve read through the article in the meantime. Very interesting and thorough.
I´ve learnt quite a bit from reading it.
It´s especially the topic of who´s going to cover the expenses conencted to finding the capsule which wasn´t part of our local coverage.

Thanks again, Neville.

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Hi Rosika
Maybe we are not as isolated as we used to be.
There may be some questions asked about security transporting radioactive materials


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Hi Neville, :wave:

I guess that´s very true.

My understanding is that Australia and some topics related to it are very popular hereabouts.

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