Try to install w10 next to xi=ubuntu

Hello all,

Tried to install w10 next to the installed xubutu.
Used Orcale DM,
However until now it did not work.
I have a USB-stick with W10.
I am not able to use the stick when I follow to rules of How to install w10 next to (X)Ubuntu

Please, advice.
Thanks on forehand.

Hans Minekus
The Netherlands

Please elaborate on the meaning of this.

Hi Hans, I think you’ll have to work the other way around. First install W10 and when that works alright install Xubuntu. While installing Xubuntu you’ll have the choice if installing it next to W10. At least that’s what I did with a number of computers. Good luck, HHarry18

Hi HHarry,

At first thanks for the answer.

At last I was suddenly able to install first Xubuntu and then W10.
The next dat (today) I tried to open the Xubutu page but I was warned that my pw was not working.
After trying a few times I decided to install Xubuntu again on the same place.Next to W10.
If to morrow I will have the same problems I will clean the SSD and install W10 first and the Xubuntu.
Thank you for the useful answer.
Hans Minekus