Trying to install (a Mint fork) on a USB stick

I have a fast USB 3.0 stick, and I want to install directly to this. A Live USB acts just like a Live DVD – it cannot add, update, or download new programs.
The distro in question (though it could be any) is Feren, a fork of Mint.
Here is a screenshot of my first difficulty:

I figured out a few things I was doing wrong. First, I needed to add [/] as my mount point.
Then, I chose FAT32 as the file system.
Finally, I deleted the swap file and made [/] as the entire drive.
But it still does not work. It gets stuck at 30% progress and with no notifications, error messages or any movement at all. It just runs the intro slideshow again and again.
I am now at 30 minutes, and it has been at 30% all this time.

Any tips?

If you want to truly have it as a “real” OS installation on a USB stick, then all you have to do is installing it on an HDD and then clone the HDD to a USB stick. I have confirmed this as working, as I found this out by accident 2 days ago.

Following is a way in between live and non-live Linux:


I didn’t know about pendrivelinux before. Thanks.
If I have an OS installed using ext4, will there be an issue cloning it to a FAT32 pendrive?
That website will probably answer my question, I assume. Do you know?

No. It just overwrites the previous file system.

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Your download .iso image is Ok ?
check with md5 program linux.
Other thing: Try to format with NTFS, and NOT fat32 !!.
Use Gparted and erase ALL. Create a new partition table
and try to install FEREN OS again, good luck by now :smiley:

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Sorry to say, but I have to give up on even attempting this. I just find too many failuires and my time has run out.
On, they recommend three tools, one on Linux and two on Windows. I tried installing a Mint OS using mkusb, following the directions closely, and I got the error message upon booting:

you have to load the kernel first

On a version of Manjaor using mkusb, I got the “grub rescue” error.

Using Lili (the recommended Windows software), I followed instructions to add Deepin, and got the same grub rescue error.

All of this was to take advantage of a week-lomg reduction in my tutoring workload. That week is nearly done, and I have nothing to show for the efforts.
Thanks for all the tips. y’all.

I’ve used most, if not all, of the programs that will place Linux OS’s on flash drive/sd card, and have settled down with MultiBoot USB. With many of the iso’s, BUT NOT ALL, it offers you the choice to select amount of persistence you desire. As I do a lot of distro jumping, I find this preferable to burning the iso’s to a dvd, or cd. BTW-I have been using Linux since 1998, and my main OS is Mint 19.1,64b, MATE my desktop of choice.

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@tosim91, on your recommendation I installed it and am TRYING to run. The problem is that it appears to have frozen at “Installing Syslinux”. Any advice?

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Why bother with Feren?
Just install LM19.1 xfce, or Zorin 15 Core, on your stick and be done with it.
You can always tweak your desktop and Apps after to make it look like Feren if you really need to.

Take a look at this guide, and possibly it can help: