Trying to update nvidia settings to be used at each reboot

Hi there,
I am using Ubuntu 19.10
I can setup my dual screen system using the nvidia control screen but I cannot find a way to store the settings so that they will be used at the next reboot.
I created a file that I have called /etc/X11/Xsession.d/20-nvidia.conf
but it is not being read.
Is this the correct location or should it be stored somewhere else.
I cannot find a directory with Xorg in its name anywhere on my system.
Thank you.

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Hello and welcome to our community.

I have found some websites that deal with this:
One from nvidia and a german one.

The german one simply suggests to install the tool “nvidia-settings”:
sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings

After starting it should present you a screen like this:

Maybe this is a starting point to deal with the described problem of yours…
Greetings from germany

Besides, I personally never had to use a special configuration tool for setting up dual monitor situations. Whether in Ubuntu nor Linux Mint…
But I try to avoid proprietary drivers if possible… :wink:

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