Tutorial Suggestion: How to install Linux (Ubuntu) in a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Hello Friends

I have a:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016)
  • Model number SM-T280.

The hardware is in perfect conditions, is not possible do an upgrade of Android, I am assuming due hardware requirements or simply to encourage me to buy a new one :smiling_face_with_tear:.

I’ve already read your following tutorial:

Because I use mostly Ubuntu, therefore is very interesting the Ubuntu Touch option.

Could you pls consider in write a detailed tutorial to install it? And do some settings?

I am assuming the rest (once installed) is the same as the core OS, I mean, use the apt command to install everything as I need it, such as Google Chrome if it is not installed, of course apart of Firefox. Until here as the current use I do, I mean to let me read in peace some tutorials with some music through Spotify

If is possible install Ubuntu Touch: I am very interested to use this device as a client to other Linux machines, based on Fedora and Ubuntu, in the same LAN through:

  • SSH, of course, if it is possible
  • Remina, I am not sure if it can be run here too :thinking:

The point is give a use to this tablet … because the hardware is OK and this table is a hardware too.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Samsung Knox will stop you doing just about anything useful with EOL (End Of Life) Samsung android devices…

Which Galaxy Tab? - there’s been many iterations of this product line over the years.

I think your starting point will be looking at rooting (defeating KNOX) your device, and then maybe something like Lineage OS … I doubt you’ll ever get Ubuntu Touch on there…

This is for a 2021 A8 “Galaxy Tab” (I suspect yours is probably an earlier model - given you claim its no longer supported by Samsung - i.e. no more Android updates) :

You’ll do better searching outside of this forum - I doubt anyone here could write such a tutorial that you’re chasing…

Maybe something like :

root it (i.e. disable or remove KNOX0
install Lineage OS and FDroid App Store
install TermUX

TermUX can install some form of a Linux Desktop Environment - I wouldn’t know about this - as I only use the shell in TermUX installed via FDroid App Store on my (end of life) Galaxy S9+ SmartPhone - I have no need (or desire) for a Linux Desktop Environment on such a small screen…


Thanks for the polite feedback - I see the situation. Ok I am going to do a research according your suggestions.


Though a good suggestion, it’s hardware dependent :frowning:

UBPort should have a list of supported devices and their documentation is fairly good.