Ubu 20.04 no wifi

Hi! Where can I find a driver for my wifi adapter BCM4352? I tried Broadcom and there wasn’t one. And no driver in the restricted area but here that say my adapter has an alternative driver, from windows surely, but im not using windows with this notebook which is only ubuntu. And sorry because yes there is one driver in the restricted area (from linux) but why my wifi doesn’t work though?

This might be helpful Ubuntu bcmwl package. Please go through this link and download package according to your version.


You can also run following these commands with working internet connection (LAN).

sudo apt update
sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo modprobe wl

You will have to be connected via Ethernet cable to install the driver. good luck.

adding to @anujkmehrotra
has some steps how to install the driver offline

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