Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx with Ubuntu 20.04 security only repositories

I’m fed up, maybe a computer midlife crisis? Maybe a trip down memory lane, to the good old days of Gnome 2, where the model for Linux was so much simpler and faster.
As the title says, would I somehow be able to use Ubuntu 10.04, with 20.04 security repositories only? Would that be breaking any rule of thumb?
I could use AppImages instead of deb files for software for it, or so I believe, or am I barking up the wrong tree? As Linux is a free to do what you want with OS, surely would not get into trouble for my own use only? Right?

Not sure what is so special about the security repositories of Ubuntu, but if they are more or less a normal respository with normal packages, then it is absolutely breaking and there is no way around it. The only solution to this is not trying to run 10.04 with 20.04 packages.

Not to mention kernel bugs, etc… If you run such a system with internet access, your whole computer can be compromised due to roaming malware, searching for too old targets, not having patched huge security issues.

This is just one of many examples, though probably the most famous one. (So much for Linux being so secure, but that’s a story for another thread…)

You are barking up a tree on Mars. Yes, that’s the wrong one. AppImages and DEB files aren’t magic. In the end, they are just normal applications, that run on your OS, just as usual. Especially DEB files are pretty much precisely the same you get from repositories. You can’t run them on an OS version that is stone old, just like that. It simply does not work without spending an infinite amount of time of fixing every single package manually, basically becoming a semi-professional programmer on that way, but without getting paid for it, because it does not make much sense to do that.

Yes, for educational use. Any other purpose simply does not make any sense in the scenario you described.

If you want see nostalgia, I recommend the following channel.


An interesting example video from this channel, which portraits an interesting vintage device:

This guy uses a lot of vintage computers, too:

If you want to re-live simplicity and GUI feature incompleteness, just as it was normal in the old days, I suggest you could try out an unpopular (lesser known) derivative of Debian or Ubuntu or perhaps even something more exotic. There are so many of them, which have a terribly looking GUI and lack a lot of GUI features. Just as it was normal, back then. At least such a “new” distribution should at least have better hardware support, than a distribution from 15 years ago.

Thank you Akito I yearn for Gnome 2 days to come back, as of late seeing Pop OS break, thinking of how simple Linux was back then, without the over complicated Snaps, Flatpaks, just good old Debian packages, that fair enough would break, as Open Source stuff was not as reliable back then as it is now.
Time and time again also Canonical releasing broken releases, every six months. Makes me question if they have done away with their testing teams altogether, or are rushed off their feet to release new every six months?? Snap store not working, Snap Apps not working makes it bad for someone coming over to Linux for the first time, thinking that the broken mess is the norm. They should just release when good and ready, like a majority of other Distros do.
I will watch those videos later on, been working all night going for some shut eye. Thank you again.