Ubuntu 14.04 32-Bit Version Installation Help

So I needed to install Ubuntu on my Windows 10 ASUS laptop for a Cybersecurity course, successfully installed Ubuntu-64 and everything was fine until I realized I needed the 32-bit version for my assignment. I used your guide to uninstall Ubuntu dual-boot successfully and then got the .iso for the 32-bit version, followed the same steps, but when I Shift+Restart and select to boot from a different device, I no longer see the option to start from a removable device, instead, it still shows an option for ‘ubuntu’ and when I click on it, I get sent straight to the grub command line… I can’t seem to install the 32-bit version whatsoever, I’m not sure how, if possible, to install from the grub command line. Please help!

Why? There is no reason to choose a 32-bit edition on a 64-bit abled machine.

Because of the specific requirements of the assignment we were asked to do it on a 32-bit machine, I don’t understand the intricacies of the difference it would make but I just know I couldn’t get my assignment to work on 64-bit because of exactly that.

Well, taking it literally, you would need an old computer then, since the 32-bit edition of Ubuntu won’t downgrade your machine from 64-bit to 32-bit.

i just wanted to check and see if you are sure about installing 14.04 since it is past its end of life. after that my next question would be how did you create the live usb?

I used the Universal USB Installer, and to answer your question, honestly at this point I would just like to install 18.04, I finished my assignment earlier today but still want the LTS-Ubuntu. Already made a live usb of the 18.04 .iso but again when I try and Shift+Restart, I have the ‘ubuntu’ Option but not Boot from Removable Device as it said when I installed Ubuntu-64. When I choose ‘ubuntu’, Same issue, I just get taken to the grub cmdline instead of the grub menu so I can’t install ubuntu nor exit the cmdline back to the menu, instead only either ‘exit’ or ‘reboot’.

You said you already had a successful install. Revert everything to the situation as it was before, then repeat the same procedure that created your successful installation, already previously.

I did, reverted everything, and yet it just keeps taking me to the grub cmdline and I don’t have the same options I did before, and I don’t know how to remove the ubuntu option from my bootable options and have it be Boot from Removable Device which worked with the previous install.

does this computer also have windows installed on it?

is this from inside windows?

Does your assignment need access to real hardware? If not, run Ubuntu virtually. VirtualBox is the easiest solution to use, in my opinion. You’ll be able to take installation snapshots or make clones, so if you mess up your assignment it’s easy to get back to a clean install or rollback to a point where things worked so far.

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