Ubuntu 16.04 sound to Line Out on login

Naturally this only happens about 50% of the time :slight_smile:
On startup my sound is pointing to Line Out instead of one of my HDMI DisplayPort audio ports.

Does anyone know how to set this so it stays assigned to a particular port?


I’m pretty sure you can go to System Settings and push HDMI DisplayPort to Priority 1 and then all is set.

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Akito, thanks for the response but I don’t see anywhere to set a priority for HDMI DISPLAYPort?

In Ubuntu 16.04 the System Settings/Sound/Output display just lets you pick which one to play sound through.

As I previously said sometimes the Output is set to Line Out which means no sound until I set it to one of the DisplayPorts.

Maybe this can help?

Or maybe this.

Or this?