Ubuntu 18.04.4 DVD is read-only, can't write to

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.4 as a dual boot with Windows 10 in a desktop computer. I just discovered over the weekend and I was not able to burn a LinuxMint iso to the inserted DVD. Further investigation reveals that the DVD is read-only. Installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 to a laptop computer (single boot) and same results, DVD is read-only. Read on the 'net somewhere that the cause may be an improper log-off in the past may have corrupted some files. Any solution to be able to burn to DVD? I was using Brasero for blanking and burning. Thanks.

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Is it possible, that you are using a DVD that has already data on it and is finalized?
Have you tried another (fresh from the spindle) DVD?
And what are you trying to achieve?
Do you want to burn data (files of some kind) or an image to the DVD?
And what do you mean by “blanking” the DVD?
Does that mean, you use it as a multi-session DVD?
If that’s the case, I would think that you started burning with/on another computer?
When dealing with multi-session DVDs it’s important (as far as I know) to use them in the same drive everytime you burn something to them.

DVD-RWs can’t be re-burned onto, infinitely. They have a limitied amount of rewrites available.
That said, the most reasonable solution in your situation, no matter the reason, is:
Get a new DVD.

Doing anything else would be a waste of time, because a DVD nowadays isn’t even worth a buck and fixing this problem would take you more than an amount of time worth only a buck.

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Wow, thank you for the information. I was not aware there a is limited use of using DVD repeatily. I will go thru my DVD collection and trashed old DVD’s. Again, thanks.

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Hey, thank you for the welcome. Much appreciated. I will try to answer your questions in sequence. Again, thank for your reply. Yes, it was possible I was using a DVD that was finalized with data. Next, I think I did use a newly blank once but will have to try again putting in a fresh DVD. What I was doing was trying to copy an iso (image) from my desktop computer to a DVD and then inserted the DVD into the laptop… If the DVD had data, erase (blank) the dvd before copying (burn) to the DVD. I plan copying an iso to dvd and and that is all I ever will put onto it. As for the other computer (laptop), it may have been possible I was using an used dvd.

Just to avoid misunderstandings regarding “ISO files”:
Did you just copy the actual ISO file onto the DVD or did you in fact “burn the image”?
This is a huge difference.
In the first case you have only the ISO file on another medium.
If you want to create a bootable DVD, you have to use the second method, either with Brasero or in the terminal (e.g. “dd”).

I am sorry for the misunderstanding and confusion. I downloaded a LinuxMint iso from their website onto my desktop computer (Ubuntu 18.04.4) and wanted to copy (burn) the iso image to a DVD using Brasero so that I can use it (the DVD) to clearly install completely the LinuxMint OS onto my laptop whereas I have LinuxMint up and running on the laptop. I hope I cleared up the confusion. Thanks for getting back to me. I should be getting in a few days the LinuxMint bootup and installation on a the usb drive for installation thereby bypassing the image burning.

You could also use “xfBurn”, or “K3B” as burners in Linux.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will look them up and try to download them. Again, thanks.