Ubuntu 18.04 to be supported for ten years

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu 18,04 will be supported for ten years.

Does this imply that all distros, based on Ubuntu 18.04, will be similarly supported?

Roy Davies

Since Ubuntu would provide these upstream updates, they should be basically automatically be applicable to all derivatives.


I agree that they would be available, but is it automatic that they would be applied? Not all distros are the same, as developers ‘cut and paste’ features to give users choice.

There is no official announcement yet from any other Ubuntu flavors. Let’s wait for their comment.

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So, as I suspected, Availability of the tools to extend the life of a distro is no guarantee that it will happen, in all cases. Developers are able to choose or not as they see fit. In these days of lack of resources, any opportunity to extend the usability of a distro should be seen as a bonus and should be grasped with both hands.

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That’s right, but it’s usually non-sensical to deny upstream updates from the originator, except they are totally against the derivative’s philosophy or something like that. Basically the derivative maintainers get free security updates from professional developers. Who would deny that contribution?

CentOS, currently do. With yearly point releases. “6” has had it life cycle extended beyond 10 years.

Microsoft Windoze 10, has evolved into a (6 month, release point 18.03 & 18.09 for 2018) rolling release, with a Linux/Unix based kernel. The junker I keep for just in case, there is a need to use windoze, grow to 50Gb with the 18.09 update, that is with no saved data or added apps. Disk manager (the diet tool) to the rescue, reducing its bloat to 31.5GB.

Personally, I would consider it a good idea, if they all did. :laughing:

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The only reason I have W10 is because I play a lot of different games. Other than that, I wish I could stick to my Debian only.

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