Ubuntu 18.10 beta

Hi there
Ubuntu 18.10 beta is out, official release date for Ubuntu 18.10 was mentioned as 18/10; YES 18th October :smile:
I am running it in VB (virtual box) but instead of being slower on my notebook with Ubuntu 18.04LTS, it does feel faster. It runs very smooth so if you like you can try for yourself.
I did a “minimal” install, this time as novelty , and maybe that helps in running faster


It was easier to maintain dual boot when it was Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. Since then, setting dual boot has become complex.

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can’t agree with you. I used W7 dual boot with Ubuntu whatever number. Than my HDD got wrecked and I had to replace.
Installed W10 and a little later Ubuntu 16.04 ( I think it was at that time)… Since, I have upgraded the W10 version to latest and updated Ubuntu each 6months till now running 18.04LTS . Never had any issue with the multiboot, which standard will start the Ubuntu OS.

I have yet to try it. Perhaps after final beta, I’ll take it for a spin and create a video of it.


I tried to install 18.04 on a PC with Windows 10. I managed to install somehow but the bootloader is currently Windows and I cannot have a dual boot option in the beginning.

Currently, I use DEL key to enter the boot option and select Ubuntu partition whenever I want to use Ubuntu. I want to use dual boot on my laptop as well. Doesn’t want to mess up Windows 10 which is working fine.

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strange. I had windows running on my notebook.
then installed ubuntu, all with default options,no changes in partitions orso and it loaded nicely.the bootloader (grub) is starting up from Ubuntu and shows the Ubuntu options and the Window to choose from, with default (if you not change it yourself within 10 sec) to ubuntu start. This I had also read on other fora being the normal method.

AskUbuntu, clearly specifies that windows shall be installed first and Ubuntu installed later to get the proper Ubuntu grub boot selector.
If you do it the other way than Windows tried to overwrite the grub boot and guaranteed fails