Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

Despite having made no changes in the original Settings, the “Software Updater” is no longer displaying new updates for downloading like before, for well over 2 weeks now. Each time the alert on display reads: “Failed to download repository information; No software updates are available: 38 Livepatch updates applied since the last restart; the software on this computer is up to date”, which is puzzling and quite unreal and unlike the earlier status, when practically every other day, there used to be some update or the other that used to get thrown up for user attention for downloading. I may add that I had only unchecked repositories which had no Focal Release files in the “Other Software” Settings.

Did you try running
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Yes! Indeed quite often

Even I have been facing similar issue i.e no upgrades for almost a month
Also my dpkg is broken so I am guessing because of that I am not getting the updates.

Try changing update mirrors, to one closer to home?

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I am running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (which couldn’t differ much from 20.04.2) :

Click the square dots in the lower left corner, enter this search test “Software Updates”,
then choose the purple “A” icon .

Click on “Updates” and change the fields like shown in this screenshot :

Doesn’t that solve your problem ?