Ubuntu 20.04 Memtest L1 Cache fail

My computer was freezing. It has a B350 Tomahawk and a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU. I tried to run memtest86+ and it froze at 9% of the L1 cache test. So, I concluded that it might have a problem in the CPU.

I shuffled the RAM cards and that had no effect on the error. So, that supports the conclusion.

I thought something could be wrong with the bios, so I updated the bios. The problem persisted.

That is when I realized that I was supposed to update the drivers first.

I downloaded the drivers but I have no idea how to install them in Ubuntu 20.04

Questions. Is my conclusion that the problem should be with the CPU correct or could it be related to drivers for the chipset?
I am supposing that the L1 Cache is located somewhere either on the CPU or in the chipset.

The second question is how to install these drivers in Ubuntu 20.04?