Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade has been aborted

Just tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 beta and got the above message also “your system could be in an unstable state”. I don’t understand what I did wrong, but if its helpful, would like to report a bug I think. Currently it wont let me open a new tab so I’ll have to restart and see if it goes It could be lights out for me.

At which point did the error occur ?

More details, please.

Hi back on board, It’s Foss gives me confidence to do things I wouldn’t otherwise do. The aborted message occurred about 3/4 of the way through the installation phase I think it was caused by the installation conflicting with an ongoing fault on my computer that shows itself from time to time. I would describe myself as a novice with a forgetful memory working on a hunch. So to solve the problem I removed two smaller hard drives and replaced them with one larger. and moved from dual boot to formatting on Ubuntu only, I’ve lost years of windows history, I did a clean install of 18.04 and then followed with an upgrade to 20.04 I am now on a learning curve, it feels a little exciting, thanks for your inquirers,It was my goal to get back here with Ubuntu 20.04 Beta

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Beta will show some errors from time to time as they patch it and create new ones every day. So you get an error today which is not there tomorrow and vice versa. Are you particular about using a beta version ? April 23 rd is release date for stable version. If you can hang on till that( unless of course you have already installed ) it will save a lot of trouble.

Regarding your loss of Windows data - the HDD you removed should be intact and your data safe. Here a few things to consider :-

(1) You can leave it out of the PC for now and connect it with a USB caddy [or a more simple wired connector] both available from eBay etc. at low cost. Load Ubuntu [or other OS] and plug in USB which should cause HDD to be detected and you should be able to access data to verify is still there and perhaps copy off anything essential.

(2) Longer term it’s a good idea to move all ‘user’ data up to a cloud service such as Google Drive where it will be safe and accessible from any computer.

(3) You could try putting the Windows HDD back into the PC [with the others removed] and you may find that Windows loads up and all is o.k. However if this does not work [due to grub issues,or something else] you may be able to load Windows in ‘safe mode’ and take it from there. There are loads of sites online that describe the process. Good luck :-))

Just want to point out, that Google Drive and such ist the opposite of ‘safe’…

Ordinarily safer than being on a drive that is not backed up against mechanical failure, and even safer with 2FA which I thought beyond the scope of this post - and still do.

Would you consider a safe ‘safe’, if it was opened every single day by the manufacturer?

Thank you, I thought that I may be able to retrieve the data using another PC with windows installed either as an external drive or installing it in a desktop, you are right, its not lost I just need to work on it.

I was just enthusiastic about installing the beta but I’ve had a couple of issues since then and I think I’ll wait until the 23rd good advice cheers.

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I had a similar experience. i tried an upgrade in place (update-manager -d) on a laptop with 18.04.3 LTS. Many packages could not be installed and I got the “your system may be in an unstable state” message. When the partial upgrade completed the system would not boot.

I just now installed 20.04 beta from a USB stick. That went smoothly. In the process, however, the installer decided to format the entire disk. I don’t think I was given the option to refuse the format. So, be sure you’ve backed up your data.

20.04 has a good-looking interface and seems pretty snappy. My next task is to bring back my personal data and tweak the million preferences (well, it’s more like a hundred) to get things to my liking.

Anyway, be cautious about the upgrade in place option for now. Maybe they’ll get it smoothed out by April 23rd.

I was installing NVIDIA drivers and software. I found every time it logged out, it reverted the sound source back to its default setting. In the process of fiddling with it, it crashed, and wouldn’t reboot so I had to reinstall 20.04 which meant reinstalling 18.04 first. and that takes hours. I thought I could install them both on the hdd and dual boot so if 20.4 crashed then I could boot it up from 18.04 but couldn’t figure out how to format the hdd as it wants to format the whole drive. so I’m waiting till the April 23rd

I’ve now got everything recovered and re-installed. That the install formatted my disk and over-wrote my /home file was probably my fault (don’t do things at mid-night is what I learned from this). A clean wipe and install was probably the best thing to do, though it brought a little extra work.

My preliminary review of 20.04 is that it’s very nice. Looks good, is fast, has been stable, and the interface is not very different from 18.04, a little hunting around but no learning curve to speak of. I’ll move my other machines to 20.04 eventually. Like Silverlining, though, I think I’ll wait for the release later this month.