Ubuntu (budgie) 21.10 random freeze

Hello all…
My own flavor of choice is ubuntu budgie that I have used for a long time a go.
The problem started when I updated to the latest 20.04 version.
To not write all ower again ill share the original post on ask ubuntu

I have tried many other distros since the issue started. And atm I’m on Linux mint 20.02, and I got the same problem.
I run mem-test complete 4/4 pass. I tried to run some Linux test GPU/intel-chip, and all passed. As far I can tell.

If anyone can share some extra words of wisdom on this ill be rly happy to try.
Also, I’m not so technical on side downgrade/upgrade manually to achieve some good results.

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Live DVDs used to have a memtester that tests the memory. I know I’m not helpful because I don’t know if any have it anymore. Does anyone know of an app on ubuntu that tests the memory?

Another thought may be that it is overheating. A can of compressed air or two to blow the dust out of the case would help and not cost much.

I had similar problems with freezing computer Ubuntu that became apparent after a clean install of Ubuntu21.04.
the comp. would freeze at irregular moments , sometimes just after startup, or after 10 minutes or sometimes after 2 - 4 days constant running. I found no relation to room temperature(18-34C) and not with the CPU, GPU temperatures.
It was also happening on windows10 (dual boot with Ubuntu). so I concluded that it most likely was not a software related problem.

<> I opened the case of the desktop and found some dust, cleaned it. than I took the RAM strip out , (8GB, DDR4, 2666) cleaned it and re-installed it. (this one has only one clip on one side of the strip and as I had not seen this before decided to install the RAM first on the side without the clip and than push it in till the clip locked. strange was that later I could push the other side a little more. I also bought me 8GB more RAM, to give my comp some more power, it is great.
<><> after this intervention, now already some 6 weeks back, I did NOT have any freeze anymore and constant have 16 GB RAM.
so a possible wrongly installed, dirty RAM could be a problem.

Or power supply? Maybe upgrade to 850Watt that’s what I have done with all my computers, to give room for expansion and to make sure enough power getting to components, especially graphic cards and to Ram too.

Marketing propaganda by big tech companies has brainwashed a majority of users. There are tons of 850W and 1000W power supplies, as if that were normal.
The truth is, 90% of PC users never ever need more than 650W. And that’s still generous. Not only that, it gets even better! Most of the time, it’s even worse to get a PSU with a too high wattage, because of efficiency problems and unnecessary higher power consumption leading to higher PC running costs, without any reason but corporate propaganda.

If you run a normal PC with medium specs, it’s perfectly fine to run with 450W to 550W PSUs. There is even enough overhead in those. If you want to be extra safe and have extra room, you can go for 650W or maximum 750W. But even that is too much.

Nobody needs 850W or more, except they are running some huge setup with a million LEDs, 20 HDDs, 2 graphics card, etc. Then you actually need those 850W. If you just run a fairly normal PC, even with a fairly new graphics card, you will never ever need more than 650W.

The only way you are really in need of 1000W or more is when you are running 3 graphics cards and a huge RGB lightshow. Otherwise, every PC user is far away from that need. As described above, the case is very similar to 850W supplies. You just need to substract a graphics card from that example setup.

I know someone who runs a low mid-spec PC on a cheap 200W power supply and it never had power problems.

For all info that I found and amount of the same issue is due to a null pointer in the kernel
I did try to clean with an air can. I’m using a laptop pc, not a desktop and I don’t think is due to dust on memory and so.
there is so many pc affected by this thing. I tried many “solutions” provided online. Noting help. That’s why I ask here. If some with more knowledge know of this.
any word of wisdom is great =)