Ubuntu Dev version download

hello peeps
i want to try out the 21.10 version whose daily build are being released
now, i can use that version which is the development version using
sudo do-release-upgrade -d
but i have a doubt

if i install this then will i be able to download the stable version when it will be released?
so, i download the development version now
can i upgrade to the stable version in october when it will be released?

thank you in advance

My advice is to use this daily build in a virtual environment, not using as main install. As with every new release there will be bugs to begin with and testers never ever have daily builds as their main drive.

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yes but that does not ans my qs

The answer is “yes”.

But please stop hijacking other threads in order to get attention. People dedicate their spare time to this forum. You will be answered as soon as someone feels qualified and motivated enough to do so.


okay thnx
and also sry for sending link in posts
so i can update to stable with release.

one more qs
will the updates of daily buils which are updated daily be updates in the system right?

one last
i saw on omg ubuntu that 21.10 will be released with gnome 41
will that be upgraded too?


u here @Mina ?
pls quick help

  1. Please, stop spamming.
  2. Please, follow my advice:
    Is this safe? UEFI Secure Boot Configuration - #20 by Akito

okay @Akito sir
just quickhelp so that i cant close this topic

Could you please respect that?

If you want instant perfect help, you need to pay a support service.

We just help in our free time. If we do not feel like adding a post or helping, we don’t do it. We aren’t working here and are not paid.


okay sry
will not repeat this
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Do you see the irony?

Please, if you want someone to understand what you are saying to possibly even be able to help you in the first place, I suggest you stop using made up words, and instead word your expressions in a universally accepted way.

For example:

  1. Question
  2. Because
  3. Thanks
  4. . , ;

Honestly, I won’t be able to answer your questions without investing a considerable amount of time in understanding them fully and doing some research on my own. I do not feel inclined to do so for a pushy person who doesn’t even feel the need to express himself with clarity.

I’m out of this.

Still, you don’t need to despair: I’m neither the only, nor the most knowledgable person in this forum.
It’s still possible (or even likely) that someone with more patience will help you with your technical troubles. Just give it a day or two.

Learning proper manners is entirely up to you.


The easiest would be to download the iso, flash to USB and do a fresh install of it.
So that system would lack the residues of your tinkerings before.
However, I don’t think it would be worth. Yu seem to have problems even with the stable version.
I were you, I would reainstall the stable thing from scratch.
Then learn how to take a snapshot and restore it.
Think of it:

  1. take the snapshot.
  2. do some “harm” to the system, say add a meaningless comment line to a config file in /etc/…
    Alternatively you could really modify something harmless, say rename your machine in /etc/hostname
    You can undo this quite easy if you really need to.
  3. Restore the snapshot.
  4. Check, if your modification is undone by restoring? If yes, you now know how to restore, and can start with deeper tinkering/learning.
    If not, the restore was not successful.
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Just an observation: RoboTech seems to be experimenting wildly and endangering his system. Don’t I remember that this computer is a family device, with the Windows portion containing his father’s work files? While RT’s home situation is his own business, I’d be inclined to encourage him to acquire a separate system for his experiments. At the very least, he needs to back up any valuable data to an external location.


Just matter of time… :wink:
Anyone can make a mistake, and I’m not an exception here.
When I install, I usually format the system partition, but keep the partition for /home untouched. That’s comfortable…
Once I had 3 system partition, which shared thesame /home partirion.
I remember, when leaving a distro, and hopping to another, I selected the wrong partition to format and install the system to.
That could have been a big data loss, but it wasn’t because I have backup of everything important.
I just want to say, a temporary blindness, or thinking too short, or whatever happens, and the mistake is there.
The backup is that distinguishes a disaster from a bad mistake. :smiley:

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