Ubuntu dock does not show after hiding

Hi I’m running default Ubuntu 21.04 and I have Dock configured to hide when mouse touches the left edge (default position).
Until today it was working fine, however it stopped and now the panel does not show anymore after it hides.

I’d appreciate help how to debug this issue, please!

Last things I installed were
zsh, nvm, oh my zsh, libsecret

I do not know if any of these could cause the issue.
Thank you for your help!

Maybe here???


Here’s the auto-hide behavior in Ubuntu. When auto-hide is enabled, it just doesn’t disappear. Instead, it disappears only when another application window overlaps with it.

If you just move your mouse to the left edge, the dock remains the same. Drag and application towards it and you’ll see it disappears.

If you use an application in full screen mode, the dock hides itself. It reappears when you move the mouse to the left screen (when an application is still in full screen mode).

Keep in mind that if you move your mouse cursor too slowly, the dock will remain hidden. You have to move it quickly to edge of the screen.

Does this help or it has just disappeared for good? You may try disabling autohide and see if it is back.

Thank you @abhishek

This was probably the issue! I did reboot and it started to work again.
With the information from you I also noticed when I’m too close to the edge it does not respond as well.

Thank you again, this caught me by surprise!

Though already solves, maybe it’s a hint that I personally most of the time use the “Super” key to make the menu appear and then write along what I want to start.


Happy to be of help :grinning: