Ubuntu does not boot

Hi I was upgrading from ubuntu 20.04 to 20.10. It got cancelled due to some error during installation phase, said do some dpkg manually. After restarting first it shows buzybox initramfs error, and I cleared it with fsck command. After rebooting it’s coming like black screen with dash cursor blinking.(after some 5 to 10 min showing some “PCIe Bus Error”)

When I tried running dpkg in recovery mode shows like “An upgrade from groovy to focal is not supported with this tool”
Kindly Help Thanks in advance :blush:

Which means, you shouldn’t even attempt to fix it. Restore the old system from a backup, then let the upgrade finish. Installations and Upgrades all you have to finish. If you do not let them finish, you might leave your system in an inconsistent state, without even noticing at first.

Which means it thinks it is already on 20.10 and it also thinks you want to “upgrade” back to 20.04, which obviously won’t work like that.

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The installer says like this only and ask to perform dpkg manually

So only I rebooted to goto recovery mode.

Actually I’m having a lot of files in my ubuntu desktop and downloads. What shall I do for recovering my OS without losing any data

This is what you need to do. Any other way would be very tiresome and more complicated.

Maybe hindsight for you but; (I believe)
A) You should never mix your data with the system data.
B) You should always have a separate backup of system data and your data.

If you don’t have backups. You could boot from a Live USB and copy your data to a desperately attached USB HDD.

Actually if i can solve the error(shown in the pic) can I be able to use the OS without backup ing and all

Thanks for the replies, Apart from this restore can I address this error and find solution?:roll_eyes:

This Freudian slip speaks the whole truth, @deepakpm37. If you did not create a backup, you have a hard time in front of you.

Yes, restore from backup. If you didn’t create a backup, you have to manually scrape your data and manually copy everything one by one to an external drive, as @easyt50 suggested. Then, never make any upgrades or major changes to your OS, without a backup. In fact, never use a PC without backing its data up…

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Once again thanks😅 @Akito

This is also copying everything to some storage before upgrading right?

Hi do I ask something inappropriate?:flushed:

Hi somehow I managed to solve here is what I did (Thought it could help some noobs around like me :relieved: ):

  1. As @Akito & @easyt50 said created ubuntu bootable USB and gone to a live section.
  2. Followed steps under “Update failure” in this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery
  3. Got an error like " [E: dpkg was interrupted… run ‘sudo dpkg --configure -a’]"
  4. So I followed steps in the below link: (1st answer in the link(72))
    5.Then again followed steps under “Update failure” (Link in 2nd step)

That’s it after reboot I was able to login into Ubuntu.(still some broken packages are not fixed even though working fine)

Thanks again @Akito @easyt50 :laughing: