Ubuntu Dual Boot with Windows 10 Pro plus bitlocker

I’m very new to Linux and with time on my hands and a spare SSD in my PC (pretty modern with UEFI BIOS), I decided to have a look at Ubuntu. I installed it easily enough and after a bit of “messing about” got the dual boot set up so that it defaulted to my “Windows 10 Pro” configuration and, optionally, to Ubuntu.

My only problem is that when I boot into Windows 10 Pro, it demands entry of the bitlocker recovery key - which is tedious to say the least. This happens even if I just restart Windows 10. I suspect that merely choosing Windows 10 causes a change in the boot which it recognises as a change to the system.

Has anybody come across this problem before and, if so, is there any solution?

Many thanks.



Thanks for the replies and suggestions from which I’ve managed to fix the problem!!
I turned Bitlocker off on all drives, rebooted and tried to turn it back on. Of course it wouldn’t due to an incompatibility in Group Policy settings. After much searching, I found the appropriate template and made sure all three options were set to the same setting, saved, rebooted and turned Bitlocker back on. Printed out all the recovery keys. Rebooted and entered Ubuntu. Rebooted back to Windows 10 Pro and all I now had to enter was my selected pin.
So, I’m now OK, although I have changed the main boot disc in UEFI BIOS to Windows 10 Pro and have to hit F12 during power up to enter Ubuntu.
Many thanks.

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