Ubuntu i'm going crazy!

i just up graded to Ubuntu 18.4 from 17.10, now when i boot to Ubuntu, it won’t go into desktop, was fine before, I have tried every thing. when i’m in tty, and it ask’s for user it won’t take it. when it ask’s for password it won’t take it. keep’s telling me log incorrect? so i changed my log in name, and password, it still would not take it. e=went into safe mode in Ubuntu, had it do everything their, still no desk top? HELP !!

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How did you change your login data without logging in?
Can you take pictures of what exactly happens?

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Firstly welcome to the community.
Like @Akito I was wondering the same thing. Also as he has said if you can send pictures of exactly what happens it would help the community to be able to help you.

I doubt he changed log in data but set up a different user instead? I’m not too savvy on software but I did teach for almost 12 yrs so got used to interpreting statements :upside_down_face: