Ubuntu, lvm snapshots, fdisk, and a bunch of circles

So I have a question for the hive mind here…

One of the things I got into fooling around with as part of my gitlab tinkering is lvm volumes and snapshotting.

I created a VM using Ubuntu that has a 600 gig virtual hard drive, then I booted from a live cd, and made the partitions with fdisk, set up lvm, set up a volume, and created vol1 and vol2, 300 gigs each.

Evidently this is the point where I’m supposed to install Ubuntu… but this is where I’m confused… Ubuntu seems to want to nuke and pave the whole thing before it installs… so the question is how do I get a bootable operating system on this setup? If anyone knows, I’d be eternally grateful.

You mean to say, it does not offer the option to install on existing disk partitions?
That is weird… evey install I have done offers that, but I must admit I have never used LVM. Why should that make any difference?
Perhaps you have not configured LVM properly? Ubuntu installer needs to be able to see partitions and filesystems.
Can you see them, say from a live boot usb drive?

Just guessing, but something is not right there.

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During the install process on the page of where to install Linux there is an option call “Something else”. Have you tried that option?

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Gimme a few here, I’m going to document the process I used last night here, and I’ll show screenshots of what I’m seeing when I try this.