Ubuntu Plymouth theme

Does anyone here have knowledge in Ubuntu splash theme customization? I have 2 images which I need to be in a loop for the startup splash screen. Any help will be great.

I tried to look into an existing theme. Looks like we need to have 3 things

  1. images

  2. theme-name.plymouth file

  3. theme-name.script file

I have the first 2 ready. But looking to create the .script file

I hope I have explained properly. Thanks.

Hmm… I have never done it. Calls for a tutorial?


I was using Numix Plymouth Theme’s folder and file structure as reference.

they are certainly dated, but the uncompressed directories from this link have two script files you might be able to mix with the numix script.

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The script is way over my head. I am not sure whether something simple as running 2 images in a loop would need this much code. Thanks for the link.

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