Ubuntu System error just after logon

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS with Gnome 3.28.4 on an HP Elite Desktop with 8GB RAM and 4th gen i7. It is a 2 user setup for myself and my wife.
Soon after logging on with a password a System Error is indicated, I click on the error box and then proceed without further problems. The syslog shows an error:

This does not seem to be a serious problem but suggestions for a cure would be appreciated.
Thanks Clive

which entry is it that you are concerned about?

Hello Clive,

Does it say something like “Ubuntu has experienced internal error”?

Usually, there is a dropdown that shows which program crashed and it will also link to the crash report.

What you have shared in the screenshot doesn’t provide any useful info (to me).

I suggest checking the /var/crash directory for crash reports.


Thanks Abhishek and Cordx.

The System problem detected pop-up does not have a ‘Detail’ dropdown so I got no further with that.
The problem I had is that the System problem was indicated by the pop-up and the syslog showed
‘update notifier: Refusing to render service to dead parents’,
not having seen this before I wondered if it could be fixed. I looked in one of the files in /var/crash as suggested and it looked like a memory dump so not helpful to me.

I then found Abhishek’s https://itsfoss.com/how-to-fix-system-program-problem-detected-ubuntu/ so deleted all files in /var/crash as suggested and so far have not had a System problem pop-up today so will assume its fixed and in any case not important.


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