Ubuntu version number!

Is there an explanation for this?:

Ubuntu 20.10 is an older version than Ubuntu 20.04.

And what will the next Ubuntu version number be?

I don’t get it!

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It’s not an older Version. The *.04 versions are LTS versions. All other versions are short-term non-LTS versions for developers and enthusiasts, not for simple Ubuntu users.

C’mon, Akito. The 04 versions come out in April, the 10 versions come out in October. The LTS versions are released in April of every even year. It’s a pretty simple scheme.

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Simple, if you ever looked at it. I just knew about the LTS thing. However, if 20.10 arrived later than 20.04, then my statement still holds true:

So, what’s wrong with what I said?

21.04 is not LTS.
Otherwise correct :slight_smile:

Okay, apparently LTS versions are not yearly, but bi-yearly. Missed that one.

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Perfection fades with time. I’m so old I wouldn’t know perfect if it bit me.

I think this explanation will clear your doubt:

Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. It’s first release was on October 2004, and hence it was named as 4.10 (year.month format).

Since then every 6 months they release a new version of Ubuntu. That’s why it’s 20.04, 20.10, 21.04, 21.10 etc.

By the way, they release a LTS (Long Term Support) every 2 years, i.e. an even number release is an LTS one. LTS release have a support period of 5 years.

The previous LTS was 18.04 (as said, a complete even number) has support till 2023. And 20.04 till 2025. 22.04 will have support till 2027.

I hope this explains you clearly :blush:


Debian counts well.
No"new math"
Maybe OuBuN2 has Eboladoze ?

thank you all for the explanations.
I was not aware of the year-month numbering system and the LTS system.

I’m not confused anymore - and much wiser!

thanx again.

br nh