I have a win program that will not work under Wine and/or w
ith Bottles. I have a win10 vm running on vmware workstation and the program runs fine; EXCEPT the vm can’t (?) access the usb ports? The usb hub is in the dev_man of the vm. I see there are paid for pass through usb programs so that means it can be done.
The program is RT systems for radio programing and the usb access is a usb cable to the radio.,
Thank you

Consider using an alternative on Linux, if applicable.

If you still prefer the cumbersome Windows program, it seems like VMware offers that feature only to pro licensed workstations.
Therefore, if you really do not want to use an alternative program, which also runs natively on Linux, then you may try out using VirtualBox, instead.


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Anyway, Akito offers some great alternatives. I too have MS based stuff left over but I’ll wait till there’s a viable alternative in Linux or just do without. Sounds like driver compatibility. What’s the hardware you’re running (Dell?)?

Dell hardware
RTS is the most reliable for Kenwood radios. The Kenwood supplied software is not reliable. Doesn’t even run most times.

I have the pro licensed version of workstation


I’ll run through it