Unable to access shared folder in linux from host machine

How to resolve this? Can anyone tell me?

at this point it would just be a lot of guessing. you need to provide more information about your system and what is going on in the picture :slight_smile:

I added a folder from windows host machine to kali linux in virtual box through share folder option and i have added the guest additions and the folder is there upon which cursor is there but i am unable to access it content.

Don’t waste your time on trying to access the folder in a VM. It will just disappoint you, anyways.

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Isnt there any way to do it…??

I have no problems with shared folders using LMDE but with Kali, I doubt if one can ever get shared folders to work. Run a version of Linux that works and life will be more pleasant!!!

I’m not sure what to add here. I think this thread can be closed. Does anyone have anything against that? If not, I will do it.

@nr9802 Do not open shady folders and you have 1 less problem in your life.

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