Unable to install a puppy on old 32 bit ASUS

hi. if it weren’t for you all i never would have gotten Linux Mint 21 to my 64 bit computer. Abundant thanks! now i am trying to upgrade my old 32 bit ASUS eeePC - since its old puppy version is no longer supported. i read about bionic puppy and debian bullseye. i went by the directions i got from @Col-Panek, created a flash drive via Balena Etcher with the iso file - tried each version…also read i could do ot on the eeePC, but can’t figure that out. did the BIOS set up on eeePC, but it doesn’t seem to want to boot from the removeable (flash) drive. i am stuck - any advice, PLease? somewhere my process is amiss. thanks from Sarah_J

Hi @Sarah_J
This may help

It seems the ASUS eeePC is capable of booting from a flash drive, but there are some tricks for setting it up