Uninstall Ubuntu from dual boot windows

I have been following instructions shared here - https://itsfoss.com/uninstall-ubuntu-linux-windows-dual-boot/

for uninstalling Ubuntu from my dual boot set up.

However; the option for Delete Volume is coming inactive.

Please suggest ?

From what I see in your screenshot Prachi, you are trying to delete the EFI partition on disk 1. You must not do that. You’ll have serious boot issues.

On what partition have you installed Ubuntu? You should delete only those Ext4 partitions.

And you should also have Windows recovery or bootable Windows disk to fix the boot order after deleting Ubuntu partition.

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Thanks for your inputs, let me look into this.


Your problem is that you have 2 EFI partitions. There should always be only be a single EFI partition for every OS. With Windows you may have a second one but you may not let it confuse those two. If you can delete the EFI partition on your Windows disk but are not able to do so on the Linux disk, then Windows probably relies on the EFI partition installed onto the Linux disk.

So if you would remove the Linux disk, Windows would not be able to boot. You have to check if you can change the EFI partition Windows uses, in case it actually relies on the one being present on the Linux disk.

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