Unknown file, Can't open, Can't remove

Hi everyone o/
Ubuntu 20.04.01 Trying to run Linux adapted Gog games with varying success. In with the Applications I’ve got a (no icon) file called “Manual” from a failed game that can neither be opened nor removed, see attached image.
It irks my need for tidyness and i want it removed.
Can someone give a lead on how to get rid of it?
Screenshot from 2022-11-25 15-17-45

Welcome @audun_s

I think each of these icons correspond to file under /usr/share/applications. Each has a .desktop file.

Check there and see if you can remove the “Manual.desktop” file. Maybe you should rename it to something else without the .desktop extension or move it to another temporary folder first to make sure nothing breaks.


Hello @audun_s and welcome

I think that your problem happens to a lot and many just ignore leaving breadcrumbs of mess, to follow on from @pdecker advice and if say there is still any problems

You could get ‘catfish’ file search app it’s in synaptic,then search for any remaining leftovers from the failed game installed, catfish will find,
once located remove with the command that best suits , if you are not sure at all simply ask.

Oh and rm -f use with care that’s it.

useful commands
using rm -f be careful

rm file – delete file
rm -r dir – delete directory dir
rm -f file – force remove file
rm -rf dir – force remove directory dir

for anyone who not know - replace the words file and/or dir with full path of file or dir
find that in location bar at top of panel window.
please when using rm -f be careful use with care

Double check if entries are correct and when returning to eyes to screen to Triple check before deleting is good, yes I am cautious with computers.

and do you have a system and data back up just incase.

Kind Regards


OK. Thank you for the answers which were a good help, both for a better understanding of the file-system and finally to get rid of the “manual.desktop” (From now on known as the “Nag”).
Digression: I must admit i am a bit wary about running commands from terminal as i am very much a novice in this. I am willing to, and have tried to run commands with some success but have yet to fully understand what really happen, which i find somewhat scary. Hoping to slowly improve on that by reading/studying as i recently have got too much spare time on my hands.
SO, I could not find the Nag when searching in applications but after installing catfish, doing a few tweaks (which resulted in hundreds of finds), then re-tweaks i found the culprit as remains from an experiment i had with CrossOver. As i am by old habits a GUI computer user, i could delete the Nag in Catfish and be rid of it :).
Nag be gone!
Catfish kept :wink:
Thank You all

Have you seen this :

That’s the thing about the terminal that make it seem daunting,
slightly off topic
many years ago I was told in a very direct way
quote - I should stick with static distros (non rolling distros) because it’s obvious that I do not have the ability to use a rolling distro ! - end quote
0OH Yeah
and was not offered much help so after that I went looking for a rolling distro and found one with not the best reliability back then that is
so I ended up at Manjaro KDE back then many years ago it was notorious for breaking down after every second or third major update,
perfect great constantly having to get in and fix things that’s what I need jump in the deep end and I stuck with that damn distro for close to five years, learnt shiploads of terminal use, sorting out problems and fixing the problems as they cropped up then if none of the fixes would work I would re-install reload my config files and then discovered Timeshift. WOW.
that’s why I’m very much into should have backups ( that’s another thread)

I got quick at re-installing and restoring my OS so many years later I went to many distros hopping, now I have gone back to a static release (not the rude one) because now I’m comfy with the terminal, I know I can take it slower and enjoy Linux. . .

When learning the terminal some commands wont work you have to install the software, not all distros have ‘inxi’ example installed sooo go to synaptic or ??? as long as it part of the distro DON’T do a Windoze thing and get apps downloads from just anywhere and not from your distro,

Suggestion - the FOSS newsletter if you want good advice that wont brick your install.
very week fresh load of good things delivered to your email box

a n d

Distrowatch newsletter not delivery fresh issue every monday about midday, trustworthy

Suggestion - goto forums FOSS , Ubuntu , any distro that runs similar to Buntu ( check Distrowatch searchs top right side of page)

this has the good to try, the bad to avoid

Most of all enjoy the buntu drive

I’ll stop now Don’t feel very chatty :laughing:
and Welcome

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