Unsolved mystery about standby mode and awaking it from

Testing MX XFCE with Thunar 4.18 (not bad!).

Setting a shortcut to put the system on standby mode is fun.
Wake up works by simply touching a key (maybe any key) and thus, on to logon screen.
Not so with many other Linux distros i’ve tried.
Even Windows won’t wake up with the touch of a key.
Must always press power button.
Weird. Unsolved mystery.

What is standby ?
My systems only offer suspend or hibernate.
If I am inactive for 10 mins, the screen blanks, and to get back in I have to move the mouse and enter a password. That is neither suspend nor hibernate, it is just screen locking for security… just a nuisance at home.

Have used MX. I like it.

Why don’t you disable it?


I meant to say “suspend”
Have set screen to lock when in suspend mode.
MX 21.2.1 performs than ever before.

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Never thought to do that
Victory for commonsense


My Windows 7 system wakes from suspend with a key press.

Make me a liar, but shortly after trying other Linux distros, did try Win 10 keyboard again and it worked!

Was i dreaming before?

What else can i say: forgive me Windows 10.

Come to think of it…

May not have been lying after all.

Have switched from a laptop to a desktop about 3 months ago.

Just haven’t bothered to check if the issue was persisting with the desktop.

It’s possible it’s a BIOS setting, as I believe “sleep”/“suspend”/“hibernate” all put the machine into a (partially) powered-down state from which it must be woken by some very minimalist low-level functionality.