Unsupported Tablets?

Hi, Grandson has a couple of tablets, not very impressed with them. The Fisher Price NABI was working well until .F.P decided to no longer support it
It’s running Android 6.0.4 (I think).
Based on reviews we bought a ‘Dragon Fire’ as a cheap replacement but it’s running Android 4.2.? and has a sound issue on YouTube (I’ll get details later)
I’m not sure whats inside the NABI (I think dual core ARM)
The Dragon Fire has a quad core ARM A33??
Does anyone have experience of either?
Since doing more in depth research on Dragon Fire, I found they often close the open source Android OS. I know it should be possible to update the OS to run a newer version of Android but don’t know how. The NABI has proven pretty child proof, 2+ years old, still going strong, even after being used as a frizby but cant access YouTube Kids, play store, etc any longer
Android forums have proven less than helpful, Fisher Price (Mattel) are even worse. All they say is it’s discontinued and I can get money back if it’s less than a year old.
The bad thing is, we didn’t expect NABI to be so child proof and bought a spare at the same time as original. I didn’t register it at the time and now can’t register it to be able to unlock it. (can’t access internet as on;y Chrome was installed and needs an update I can’t get) So, it’s brand new’ in box’ paperweight unless I can find a back door or ‘jailbreak’ and somehow load an unlocked version of Android 6 as used on a smartphone?
I’ll get both tablet specifications up asap.

Outdated Android version is a big problem in tablet world these days. Most of the cheaper tabs use older hardware and thus they use older Android versions. 1-2 years and your device doesn’t get any updates because Android is not going to keep on supporting old versions and hardware forever.


What (@abhishek) he said… I feel your pain… I’ve got a couple of Samsung tablets I’ve love to run “something else” on (forget it)… the most unconscionable thing I’ve seen, when I google searched your product, is that people (e.g. Walmart) are still selling them… now that is evil… dropping support, that’s even “eviler”… how hard would it be to keep a couple of legacy sites online? That’s despicable…

If I could I would ‘wipe’ the new one and try any
Linux OS, It’s no use at present so will be OK to experiment with. Mattel won’t even try and help. I’m pretty sure the original team that developed the NABI version of Android would have had some sort SU into root?
Google isn’t a manufacturer but as a company it is greedy and intrusive, really I just want to install Firefox or DuckDuckGo browser for android (or anything that isn’t Chrome)
Amazon do a Kindle for kids and seen to support their products way better (my Kindle is from 2015 and still works fine) It’s a bit pricey for me, we just got ripped off by a plumbing company to find a water leak from main line. Said it would be $1295 which I thought was damn cheap and even asked why so cheap? ($12.95) I didn’t get an answer as the real cost was $1,295.00. We are trying to get money back at present as they didn’t find leak or do anything meaningful. I dug up yard following the water main from meter and found leak. Fixed it for $6.38 in parts. At least wife is happy as the company told us they would finance re-plumbing for around $12,000. Next is fix the oven then various other things in an old house (built in1954)

Thanks to Akito I followed a few links and found old thread (started 2013 last post 2018) on XDADevelopers about the NABI 2 and how to root it. Just downloaded zip file. I’ll be back eventually with update.


Well, got DuckDuckGo browser on one tablet and my Kindle and Firefox on a NABI. Haven’t had much chance to sort out the other NABI yet although I did find a workaround in ‘Parent’ mode

I can’t add any more value to the answers given, but wanted to state that @abhishek is right.
I flashed quite a bunch of smartphones (Samsung, OnePlus, LeEco, …) with LineagOS and just a few days ago brought a Galaxy S5 back to life with actual Android 9.
But tablets are way under represented in terms of custom ROMs.
Don’t know why, though. Maybe it’s due to the “tablet nature” more complicated to create a custom ROM for them as it is for phones…

It’s been a few weeks now, Nabi is working great on Firefox. I have discovered a major problem with the ‘older’ one though. Google was set up as administrator and I can’t install anything without going through play store (I hate Google) Of course, Google changed ‘something’ so tablet is no longer supported on Chrome/play store and I can’t add myself as admin (something to do with the 'child lock?) Even in ‘Mommy Mode’ it won’t allow me to do anything. Did I mention I hate Google and the heavy handed way they take over? I guess this topic is done although I will post if I find a way around Google security. The strange thing is, Play Store works fine on Firefox, plus Firefox automatically blocks most of Googles trackers?