Update Kernel from 4.x to 5.x

Does anyone have a method to update the Linux kernel for Mint 4.15 to Linux kernel 5.? I tried the FOSS Utube method for Ubuntu on my VBox version of Mint 4.15 but it doesn’t recognize the command

I solved my issue. I use a Nvidia card and the Nvidia drivers. I removed the xserver portion of the command and everything went as planned. I now have kernel 5.* on Linux Mint. using the command sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04


you can also use ukuu for upgrading kernel

my term says no such command


  1. It is not installed by default.
  2. The source code is not available anymore and therefore all consequential binaries are removed from all current repositories.

Which means: you cannot just download it anymore. I heard it is now paid.

Just went to the ppa and found it. I got it to work the second try. Didn’t have to pay. Maybe the coder left the door open. I tried the donate button and it wouldn’t work.

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looks like older versions are still in the ppa (and here) and there is a newer version which is paid and has more features.

I will get the updated version for $12.00. I don’t really need it because the older version worked just fine. But he did a good job and he should be rewarded.

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