Updates for Mint

Saw this HUGE almost 1 GB update for Linux Mint call ‘Freedesktop’. " LDTP is a Linux desktop testing framework." said at one web site.
I have never seen an update for this app before. Does anyone know basely what it is for?

I have with Gentoo not sure as to the why

Its a development organisation for free desktop software
Looks like Mint may have bundled all its software into one giant package?


Not sure if I like it

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Me too! Maybe @abhishek can give some insight into this. I been with Mint now over 4 years and this is the 1st I’ve hear of it.

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Apparently, Debian has it too.


Its all the low-end stuff that is common to all DTE’s
Looks like the day of the mega-package has arrived.

These projects were formerly hosted with freedesktop.org, but have moved elsewhere.

systemd is a full system manager, including service and daemon management, logging, session control, and more.

Bit of a surprise would have considered systemd to be involved in that sort of thing.

Freedesktop is basically a collection/organization behind a lot of low level stuff that are part of your Linux system.