Upgrade Debian 10 to Debian 11

I wonder if anyone has experiences upgrading Debian 10 to Debian 11?
I recently did this upgrade to two systems, one with Xfce, one with Gnome.
The Xfce system lost its Application Menu button, but otherwise survived with my printer and network configurations intact.
The Gnome system lost Xsane and my drivers for Brother scanner. They were easily reinstalled, but why is a mystery. Otherwise ok.
I was concerned about my multiboot grub configuration, which is handled by Debian, but it dealt with grub quite cleanly.
I used the howto file at www.linuxtech.com/how-to-upgrade-deb… . There are also official Debian instructions.
I have previously always upgraded by installing a complete new system on a separate partition. That is safe but requires a lot of configutation work. What do other members do?



I wasn’t that brave. I made clean install of it on my laptop, and now I have it on my desktop too.
I kept my original system (Buster) bootable and untouched on its own partition, just in case…
I use the MATE flavour.
So far works OK, on my laptop I use it since more than a week, on my desktop I started it just yesterday. Grub is still OK, no problem with it, I can boot up both Buster and Bullseye.
However, on my VPS I did an inplace upgrade. The upgrade was triggered because I wanted to have a newer version of certbot, because I use this VPS among a number of purposes as DNS over TLS server for our Android devices, and I had some hard time with recent Letsencrypt expiration :smiley:
As Aruba still doesn’t offer a Debian 11 template, I gave it a try via inplace upgrade… After making a snapshot, I modified the sources.list, and did the upgrade. I remember, NGINX, and its modules I had to upgrade manually AFTER the upgrade finished, and also replaced php7.3 with php7.4 manually.
Some packages remained, which I deleted with apt autoremove.
Other than that the upgrade went smooth, Postfix, Spamassassin and related configurations completely survived the upgrade, and all my services are functional -now on Bullseye.

Yes brave is the word.
Did a backup first with clonezilla, of course
One of the arguments for rolling release distributions, is that this issue of release upgrades does not arise.