Upgraded to 22.04 - need help with missing icons

Upgraded to 22.04 last night and except for a few interesting things all went well. One problem though is some icons are missing. Im on Kubuntu and I use Gnote. Gnote after the upgrade has no icon. I went to the .desktop file and by icon it just says org.gnome.Gnote. Where are the icons supposed to be and how can I assign the icon to the program?

Gnote desktop file says one thing, another file says another. When finding the blank entry in Applications I didnt realize you could just right click on it and then find an appropriate icon. So, all fixed.

Just interested… is Gnote a package install or an Appimage or a snap?
Things outside the package system tend to break in cross-release upgrades

Package install.

Ive used Tomboy/Gnote for a long long time now and I have notes I probably need to get out of that app and into something else but - its just very easy for me to use.

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For note taking I use Linux Mint’s text editor called Xed pronounced zed. Silent X apparently. It’s a better version of Gedit which Ubuntu still uses. I have a 2TB SSD which I keep anything important on, on there is a file called Linux Notes everything dating back to 2008, which is still viable to use today. Whenever I need to take notes of something new in Linux, no matter what Distro I’m using, always use Xed. Mousepad I hate, Kwrite is another I hate, yet I am using KDE as my daily drive (Manjaro’s version.) So many note taking or text editors out there that try to do something different, but in my eyes fail, simply because not basic enough. Too much flash and not enough just get on with what I ask? Or not enough customization.

Pick out Linux Mint Vanessa Xed from the list, though Debian Bullseye version might install. You’ll need both Deb files from Linux Mint Vanessa. Unless of course Gnote does stuff that Xed can’t? Depending on your use case. I’m not here to force your hand into something that might not be the right tasting tea for you. (Bad analogy as I am allergic to Tea.) Though the great thing about Linux is the choice.

Ive not heard of that so Ill look but the thing Tomboy/Gnote does that I use heavily is notebooks. I have hundreds of notes in a single notebook, and I have around 30ish notebooks. But Ill look, Thanks