Urgent warning over 'serious' Windows 7 bug

If you use M$-7, Google has issued this warning as hackers are utilising a flaw in Chrome to hijack windies 7 machines.,



Thanks for posting this @anon56357095 I saw it this morning. Although it only mentions Chrome, I was wondering if other chrome based browser were hackable as well.


“To date, we have only observed active exploitation against Windows 7 32-bit systems,” wrote Clement Lecigne from Google’s threat analysis group in a blog exploring the flaw.

One way to avoid falling victim was to upgrade to Windows 10, said Mr Lecigne.

Microsoft has not given a date for when its patch for Windows 7 will be released, but said it would be “as soon as possible”. Millions of machines still run Windows 7 despite it being almost 10 years old.

Yep, customer support…! I see the world’s richest company is dragging its feet to fix this flaw. ?