US repositories

That cured it last year now is happening again. ```
sudo apt update always worked but no more…unless I change repositories.
Are USA repositories safe to use? I will attach screenshot…Is the file shown in the screenshot safe to use?

Is the file shown in the screenshot safe to use?
Does anyone have answer?

What do you mean? You should elaborate.

Sorry. In the past I’ve used sudo apt update.
That worked when update manager didn’t work.
Now neither way will work unless I change to US repository.
Are US repositories safe to use? Can you tell me if the file in the screen shot is safe to install?

the file in the screenshot is being shown to you by the mint update manager so it should be safe. it is also listed here in the mint repository with the same version number. my guess would be that you are using 19.2 and the file shown will help you upgrade to 19.3 if you wish to do so.

i use the us repositories for my mint 19.2 virtual machine and haven’t had any issues. as they are chosen and maintained or overseen by the mint team, they shouldn’t pose any greater risk than the defaults.

Yes, the US repositories are safe.

Basically, they have one main server with all the repositories. And then these repositrories are mirrored in various geographical location so that the download of the package is faster.

I mean if you are in India, it ‘should be’ faster to use the Indian repositories mirrors than the US one.

However, this is not always true. Some time, the country specific mirrors are slow (due to lack of resources, they might lack bandwidth).

To answer your question, you should be fine using the US repositories.

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It might be interesting, why you have to use USA repos in the first place, to make updates work.
I upgraded some of my machines yesterday to 19.3 and after the reboot, I was on US/UK repos automatically.
But my update-manager says so on the first start of it and suggest to switch to a repo nearby (Germany in my case).
And that functions flawlessly as of now (I upgraded many times 18 -> 19, 19 -> 19.3).

Yes that was my concern too.
The eco.wise repository speed was rated on update manager as much faster than the US repositories.
But I was forced to switch to US source if I wanted update.

to the best of my knowledge Mint never forces you to use a specific server. It does suggest that the one nearest you might be faster. If the original does not work it’s something blocking it in your country. and Yes the US servers are as safe as all the rest.

I’m sorry I used the word forced.
Maybe the word “caused” would have been better.
But here is another problem I have found since I had to change to US repository.
I have Linux Mint with Firefox and Duck Duck Go with never remember history and now when I shut down
my PC and restart, Firefox comes up with all the same tabs present before shut down.

the first setting in firefox’s general preferences (menu -> preferences -> general) restores your previous session on startup. you might check to see if that got selected somehow.