USB-to-HDMI Adapter

I can’t get my HDMI port to work on Ubuntu 20.04. So I was thinking of using a USB-to-HDMI adaptor to side-step my problem.

After doing some research, it seems that most devices out there do not come with Linux drivers. After scouring the forums online, it seems a very small amount of people had to go great lengths to get their adaptors to work, with many failing.

I wanted to see if there might be some resources that FOSS might have under his sleeve.

I think solving this issue should be much easier to achieve than dealing with USB-to-HDMI or similar adaptors.

Hello Rojas 70, welcome to the forum.
Is it a Desktop, or a Laptop you’re trying to connect? Also what is the make of the monitor you’re trying to connect to? I have a Ryzen 5 gaming Laptop that will not connect to a monitor via HDMI for some reason at work, but will here at home. It’s a shame as the screen on the Laptop is 15" but my eyesight starts to struggle after a while, making me sleepy, even though I wear glasses. Shame that Laptops don’t come with a Display port.

My problem was an IO board port problem. It was dead and had to be replaced.