USB works, not DVD

When I use a bootable Ubuntu USB, it works as intended. But when I download the ISO and use burn disc get myself a DVD. When I boot from it, I get this error and then taken to GRUB ( my testing machine already have Ubuntu ).

It has been since some time. Is there any way that I can use Live session and install through DVD and not just USB ? Thanks.

That screen tells me that the BIOS wants to boot from LAN, which is unsuccessful.
What if you disable LAN boot?

I see. But I chose CD/DVD drive. Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t seen any boot from LAN option in BIOS. I will check again.

BTW is there a specific reason, you want to boot from DVD, not USB?

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i see the “media test failure, check cable” so i just wanted to check that the player works correctly.

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“media test failure, check cable”
I’m quite sure, that message is part of the LAN boot. So that’s probably the cat5 (ethernet) cable, not the SATA/IDE cable wired to the optical drive.


@meetdilip, Can you give a link to an .iso, which you burn to disc and is unbootable?
Just want to check myself too…


So that I can use the USB for file transfer.

Once I get into Ubuntu, I can see the drive mounted with label " Ubuntu ". It works like a mounted drive all fine @01101111

I just tried. LAN boot is the 6 th priority. I didn’t see any option to turn it off. I set CD/DVD as 1st priority and even chose it from boot option. Next, I let it go so that CD/DVD is boot priority number one and it will boot from it. But no, it went to HDD/GRUB

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Sure. It is the official latest Ubuntu 18.04 ISO I downloaded through torrents last day.

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So then, your BIOS can’t boot from that DVD. How do you burn it, and which iso is that exactly?


Downloaded the ISO > right click > burn disc . That’s all.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.

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I dwonloaded it too, and it boots fine with Virtualbox.
I suspect something wrong with the image or the burn process.
There’s an md5 hash for the image, if you check it, is it OK?
Can you try to burn it with another program, say K3B?
I’m not sure what Ubuntu does with this method?
If you look at the disc in a running system, do you see many files on it? Or just one big…

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Please see
ubuntu dvd issue

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That content seems OK.
I’d try to burn another with K3B (tools–>burn image).
And see if that disc boots?


Tell me how to do it please.

I don’t have spare DVD at the moment.

I see.

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Please see this, DVD as mounted drive displayed on desktop

ubuntu in desktop

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I don’t want to be the showstopper here, but there is 1 thing you should do at the very beginning when a live medium does not work:

Check the integrity of the output medium.


This is not the first time it happened to me. 2 laptop, different ISO, burned through Ubuntu and Windows 10 in last 6 months. None of them were chosen for boot by these laptops.

When I read online about this

pxe-m0f exiting pxe rom

it says that the I need to move to UEFI from the legacy boot. But in BIOS, I do not see that option in the current machine.

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Do yo have another machine, with a different BIOS?
See if you disc seems bootable there?

I don’t think your real problem is the machine can’t boot from LAN. Exiting PXE just means that an attempt to boot from LAN was failed.
Your real problem is that your BIOS reaches LAN boot in the sequence, because other boot devices already failed.
I’m not sure why it can’t boot from the HDD?

So make sure I understand correctly:
boot order: 1. DVD 2. HDD … n. LAN
You insert the disc, and get the n. LAN boot error.
You leave the optical drive empty, then the machine boots properly [2.HDD]


Yes. No matter what other cases. USB plugged in or anything, I have no issue booting from HDD.

LAN is the last option.It goes up to LAN when I choose boot from DVD.

Never thought about it. yes, I will try.

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