User repo for Debian

Seen a few questions on here recently about someone wanting to upstream some code to repositories :

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Sounds amazing. Power to the people. The classic ways of (package) distribution are too clunky and tedious to deal with. I personally probably wouldn’t even bother trying to put something on the official Debian repositories, as it’d be too much of a hassle for me.
This “DUR” should be the proper response to that, if they keep it as free and easy as it sounds.


Absolutely. I missed it so much, that I have set up my own “home” repo, in which I collected some packages not present in Debian, also few self-cooked packages.
This DUR sounds awesome. I’ll certainly check it out!

This is actually what I managed to host myself, a couple of years ago. However, maintenance got tedious, even with only about 20 packages, in total. So, over time I forgot about it and didn’t really use it, anymore. Now you made me remember, that I actually did that… :laughing:

For me it’s dead easy :smiley:
Just copy there new package(s), into the repo…
The repo is on /srv/www/wwwroot/repo on my server, my tinkered scripts are in /opt
Having my packages in the repo, I run the update script, which is the following:

echo Backing up current repository content

rsync -av --delete /srv/www/wwwroot/repo /home/gazda/repo

echo Download some packages

echo Rebuilding APT repository:

cd /srv/www/wwwroot/repo

  apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages
  bzip2 -kf Packages

  apt-ftparchive release . > Release
  gpg --yes -abs -u KovacsL -o Release.gpg Release

This calls another script, namely /opt/
This is a newer “invention” from me, this script downloads some .deb packages from here and there, and puts them into my home repo.
Interesting thing is, that his script also downloads deb package for 4kvideodownlader, which doesn’t provide a direct download link, like zoom does.

My repoimport looks like this:

cd /opt/
dl4k=$(/usr/bin/curl | /usr/bin/grep /app/4kvideo | /usr/bin/grep amd64.deb | /usr/bin/grep -Eoi -m 1 '<a [^>]+>' |/usr/bin/grep -Eo 'href="[^\"]+"'|/usr/bin/sed -r  's/^href="//' | /usr/bin/sed 's/.$//')
echo $dl4k
/usr/bin/wget -O 4kvideodownloader.deb $dl4k
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
/usr/bin/sleep 3
mv 4kvideodownloader.deb /srv/www/wwwroot/repo/4kvideodownloader.deb

/usr/bin/wget -O zoom_amd64.deb
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
/usr/bin/sleep 3
mv zoom_amd64.deb /srv/www/wwwroot/repo/zoom_amd64.deb

/usr/bin/wget -O discord.deb
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
/usr/bin/sleep 3
mv discord.deb /srv/www/wwwroot/repo/discord.deb

Discord (I know @Akito dislikes it, but we needed it for some online courses during the lockdown), Zoom, and 4kvideodownloader needs to be updated regularly.
Hence, the updating scripts above do it for me, I have set it up in a systemd calendar event, so it runs every day. On the machines in my home I just run
apt update; apt upgrade
And done…
Actually I don’t really care for the repo manually anymore. Except, when I get new version of Davinci Resolve, but it’s a rare event. So it’s not that tedious :slight_smile:

That was already too fancy for me, at the time. Didn’t want to put too much effort in it, at the time I created the repository. I created it mainly for having easier access to zpool and zfs related packages. At some point, this wasn’t really necessary anymore, so I stopped maintaining the repository.

One of the reasons I hate such software is because you are forced to you use. If it were entirely and always optional, I wouldn’t care and probably would complain only a little. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s great that it works out for you that well. Will you still use it after DUR has been properly introduced and popularised?

As I have some packages self-cooked too, which I’m sure noone else could use, probably yes.
At the moment I’m missing makedeb-beta, so I cannot register, and start using this DUR.
But I’ll investigate my possibilities :slight_smile:


For us it was mandatory, just like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams.
Because some school preferred Teams, some teahcers preferred Zoom, others Skype, not to mention FB chat, Goolge Classroom/Meeting, and probably I’m forgetting something now.
With 3 children in 3 different school (one in university), and also some non-school-related courses we had to deal with all kinds of this online mess. So, for me it’s just another one piece of sh… pardon, cake among the others.
[ON] :slight_smile: