Using GIMP to Outline Text

I am using GIMP 2.10 and trying to follow “How to Add Border Around Text in Gimp”. Everything works well until I get to page 10 - Select your main image layer. First off, I don’t find any “layers at the right sidebar”.

I have tried selecting various layers - but I cannot get Bucket Fill to work properly. Either the entire line
of text changes color - including the outline, or small portions of the expanded text outline change. Or occasionally the outlined portion and parts of the original text change colors.

What am I doing wrong, or what am I not doing? Please help. John65

I see, you followed

you say:

You should check the bucket tool’s options:

In the screenshot, the option “Fill similar colours” is selected and I guess, this might have happened in your case.

In reality, it should be: “Fill whole selection”. Then, you should be fine.

However, there’s an alternative approach:

Activate the layer with the outline and use the bucket fill tool. Then you should get this:

Everything is filled with the outline colour.

Now do the following: In the layers dialogue, raise the text layer and it will cover the outline.

Raise the activated text layer by clicking the roof symbol:

And get this: