Using SSD instead of USB for installing Linux Mint

I have an SSD drive can I use it instead of the USB? I don’t have the USB. If I can use the SDD then I won’t have to buy the USB. I am referring to the instructions here How to Install Linux Mint 20 From USB [Easiest Way] that says for one of the requirements is an USB of at least 4 GB or DVD, and then using etcher to make it live. I don’t intent to use the SSD as a portable media, just one time to get things going.I will then remove the ISO file and use it for something else. I have read elsewhere that you would have to follow through certain instructions to get the SSD to be live; that is to make partitions, etc. using the sudo command. I thought I would ask here since the instructions are provided for this specific topic.

It will work if you consequently pretend the SSD is a thumb drive.

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What he said - just make sure you pick the SSD as the destination from whatever software (etcher?) you’re using to flash the image…

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Hi there.
As our experts stated, it’s releatively easy possible to use a (external) SSD for installing.

If you will, you can give Ventoy a try.
With it you just have to prepare the drive, and then it’s just copying the desired ISO(s) onto.
I use it mostly as a convenient way to carry around (and show off) some of the popular distros, just in case someone wants to see, or has a problem that needs to be fixed.
I did installations with the Ventoy drive (which is an external USB-SSD), it runs just as if you used a DVD or regular thumbdrive.

Did I miss something? Can’t Tux buy a dozen USB’s for the price of one SSD? Around here they’re almost as disposable as DVD’s.

Who exactly are you referring to?

yeah… I tend to agree… on my desk I’ve got literally 10’s of USB thumb drives that could take any modern distro (4 GB to 256 GB)… they so cheap and ubiquitous - in real terms (today’s money vs antiquity’s) they’re vastly cheaper than floppy disks and way more convenient than optical media - and they’re more reliable than floppy disks for sure…

I have an SSD drive can I use it instead of the USB?

Couldn’t figure out why he would want to use an SSD instead of a USB. Just install the SSD in his machine and use a simple USB for temporary installation experiments. The devices are in most ways totally different.