Using system logs to troubleshoot

I need to learn which logs have the system/app info I am looking for when troubleshooting Kubuntu 23.04 and how to use them to find what caused a freeze requiring a reboot. Searched but did not find anything relevant to newer systems. I have a suspicion that Barrier is causing the frequent freeze, but need to confirm that. Before I go spending time looking through them and trying to find the specific event, I could use some help in using the right log, using the best method to analyze said log, etc.

Sheila Flanagan

Hi Sheila, :wave:

barrier keeps logs, as far as I know.

If you start barrier you´re presented with a GUI, the main window.
Just click on the first tab “Barrier” and then on “Show Log” or F2.

Then another window opens up which should have all barrier logs in it.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Sheila,
There is a really good article on logfiles. It is referenced here



The Barrier logs I have set to debug and while I do not understand some of it, the one thing I notice is this line:
can't read property 600 on window 0x02400031
and there will be 3-4 of those entries followed by more normal info and then again the same entry but maybe 15 of those lines. Finally, there will be about 30-40 of that line. But I still do not know what that means or if it is the cause of the freeze. Then a few minutes later there is this:

can't read property 600 on window 0x08c0008c [2023-07-09T09:11:25] DEBUG1: flagging X error: 3 - BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)

But I do not know if this is the cause of the system freeze. I just figured comparing the logs/timestamps between Barrier and the appropriate system log would help me narrow down if it is indeed Barrier or a different issue.


You might try looking in /var/log/Xorg.0.log. You may find some additional information on why you are receiving this message.
No idea if it helps. Just a thought … :thinking:

It also might me a good idea to install lnav and have a look at what this log file viewer has to say about “freeze” or “barrier”.

You can punch in search words with “/freeze” or “/barrier” and with “N” and “Shift + N” you can search for any occurences of the serach word forwards and backwards.

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I think taking a look at @nevj ´s link will surely be worth while.

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Thanks, @nevj. I am perusing them now and I just knew there had to be something here, but my “search” for using logs to troubleshoot did not point to this.


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