Using windows 10 is linux compatible to it?

Installation of Ubuntu alongside Windows 10

→ I have failed to install the ubuntu alongside windows 10. if i remove indows i will be loosing alot of ork, as an outreachy intern how can i contribute to the project without the software installation!

→ I use a Laptop with low disk space can not fit two operating systems.

@lynate_niyo ,
You could put Linux on a USB drive and use it from there. That would keep it entirely separate from windows, and would not use disk space.

You would need to do a full linux install on the USB drive if you wanted to be able to save files and configuration changes.


Hello and welcome.

OK, that seems to say “I have no backup of my work whatsoever”…
Is that true? Then your very first step has to be: save your data to at least one external device.
What kind of work do we talk here? Documents? Pictures? Programming code?
If it’s “normal” every day data, GNU/Linux surely can handle it, so you won’t need Win10.

But for the first steps the suggestion from @nevj is good to go.
Just prepare an USB Stick (or an external USB SSD) with a GNU/Linux installation (with persistance) and you are good to go. The notebook may come later… :wink: